Testing and Fault Detection

Did you know the number one cause of electrical related deaths in Australia arise from electrical faults within homes. This means things like faulty power points, poor wiring, earth leakages, etc. As dangerous as these scenarios are, they’re also very preventable. Like most things, it’s knowing what to look for and where to look that makes the difference.

At Whitelock Electrical we pride ourselves on our fault finding and testing knowledge, whether it be an overloading circuit, old wiring, a faulty switch or an RCD fault we are committed to locating the problem and making your installation safe.

It’s not uncommon to come across homes that have multiple electrical faults without even knowing about it and more often than not, it’s these scenarios that become the dangerous ones.

Some of the Testing and Fault Detection solutions we offer are:

  • Test and Tagging 

  • RCD Testing Switchboard Inspections 

  • Thermal Imaging

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